For companies

Urbanum actively collaborates with companies in the field of sustainable development, technology, administration and social sciences. Corporate collaborations are extremely important to us, because they offer us opportunities in the work life and make our events possible. Collaborating with Urbanum offers companies the perfect possibility to get more visibility within our students, as well as in social media. 


We welcome you to be part of our growth as a guild by partnering with us!



Excursions are events where we visit the companies in our field and they get the chance to hold presentations about what they do! Excursions are a great way to build your network and get your name out to our students. Urbanum holds an excursion in Finland in the spring, and now for the first time outside of Finland in the fall of 2024, when we will be visiting Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels. 


Every fall, the new fuksis get their overalls. By collaborating with us, you can buy your company a spot in the overalls. This is profitable to companies, since the overall spots are usually the first to be checked by our students when looking for internship and work possibilities! In addition, our overalls are the only baby-blue overalls in Tampere, bringing them quite a lot of attention and questions while just walking around the city – so the visibility your company will get is high.

Annual Gala

In September Urbanum holds its annual gala, which is the most precious event of the year to us. Members of other guilds and associations are invited to celebrate the birthday of Urbanum together. The annual gala consists of the gala event itself, as well as morning-after breakfast (sillis). You can collaborate with us and we will make sure your logo is visible to everyone at the gala and in our social media!

Get in touch with us

More information about collaboration with us and discussing ideas is given by:

Corporate team 

Corporate Relations Responsible 2024

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