Who We Are?

About us

Urbanum is a guild for Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) program students in Tampere University. In Finland, degree programmes have student-run associations for themselves that advocate for the students and organise events among other things. A guild is a subject association with technology students (teekkaris) in it.

Since SUD is an international programme, Urbanum also operates in English only and promotes internationality in the wider Tampere university student community. Our main goals are to ensure the integration of our members into student life, advocating for their interests and creating a safe environment for studying. 

Our studies

SUD-students choose one of the three different streams offered under SUD, namely Administrative Science, Social Science, and Technology. All streams focus on urban research, phenomena and planning from their specific point of view. You can check out updates from our studies on Instagram over at @sud_tampereuni.

Each stream is its own separate degree, but has common studies regardless. In addition to common courses, each stream has studies from other streams and their own stream specific studies. This makes SUD a multidisciplinary degree, as the issues studied also require multidisciplinary viewing. Being admitted to SUD also guarantees you a spot in predetermined Master’s programme relevant to your stream. However, this Bachelor’s degree is very general and broad in scope, which means it gives a good foundation for applying to many other Master’s programmes in Finland and abroad.

Our short history

Urbanum was established in the fall of 2020 by the first students of the SUD programme. At the beginning of 2021, we began our first year of official operations in the university community. During the first year, we weren’t very active, in large part due to covid, but we were still able to set up the foundations for operations. Currently we are in our second year of operations and slowly getting more and more organised.

In the spring of 2022 we got a guild room on the campus, which we have been renovating over the summer of 2022 to be a comfortable and functional living room on campus for our members.

Guild room

Our guild room can be found on Hervanta campus in the Main Building basement with the room number PC001F. The guild room is shared with two other international clubs, EESTEC and AIESEC. We are neighbours with TaSciEn, INTO, Autek and Bioner.